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Born and raised in Poland Marek, started visiting USA for Jewelry Trade Shows in late 1990s. When his business trips required longer stays, he started shopping at grocery stores.

He spotted Polish Sausage in one of them and obviously bought some. He was wonder why it was named Polish Sausage. It had nothing to do with any of sausages he used to eat in Poland.

Now living in the States and supplying food industry with premium quality balsamic vinegar and indoor raised shrimp from Indiana farm, have daily contacts with chefs and asked them what is so called Polish Sausage.

Never get satisfied answer.

Promoting Indiana shrimp and Italian balsamic at farmers markets and arts and craft shows, was so many times asked: "Why don't you carry Polish food?"  Never thought about this before, but recently decided to create his own line of authentic Polish food with cooperation with small Polish sausage company using meats from Chicago Green City Market.

All products are natural, made without any chemicals by Poles in Chicago and taste like food in Poland.